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Best-Wade Petroleum offers a full line of quality, conventional and synthetic industrial products for any industrial facility to meet or exceed all industry standards including brands like ExxonMobil and Petro-Canada America. Best-Wade’s fully-trained sales force works with you to make your business more efficient through our industrial lubrication services, personnel training, and equipment packages. We know that the cost to you and your company of incorrect lubrication is large and the better your equipment operates, the easier your job will be. Contact us today to meet with our knowledgeable staff or sign up to receive our Best-Wade Newsletter to learn more about how Best-Wade Petroleum can make your company more profitable.

Industrial Hydraulic Oils
Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series
Mobil DTE 20 Series oils
Mobil Nuto H Hydraulic Oils
Mobil Humble H Hydraulic Oils
Petro-Canada Hydrex AW, MV 36, XV All Season, and Extreme
Petro-Canada Environ AW, MV, Arctic 15, and DT 46

Industrial Gear Oils
Mobilgear 600 XP Series
Mobil Spartan EP Series
Mobilgear SHC XMP Series
Mobilgear SHC 22M and 46M
Mobil SHC Gear Series
Mobil DTE Oil Named Series
Petro-Canada Enduratex EP, XL Synthetic Blend, Synthetic EP, Mild Worm Gear (non-EP, 460,680, 1000)
Petro-Canada Synduro SHB (all ISO grades 32 through 460)
Petro-Canada Turboflo RO (light pressure gears, circulating systems, ISO grades 10through 320)

Industrial Greases
Mobil Centaur XHP and Moly Series (Calcium Sulfates)
Mobil Polyrex EP, EM Series (Polyureas)
Mobilith SHC Series greases (PAO-based,Lithium Complex)
Mobilith SHC PM (PAO based, Lithium Complex for Paper Machine bearings)
Mobilgrease XHP Series (Lithium Complex,general manufacturing applications)
Mobilgrease HT Series (Lithium Complex,high temp applications, steel, mining)
Mobilgrease XTC and Mobilux EP 111 (greased couplings)
Mobil DTE FM Series oils (H-1 Food Grade circulating oils)
Mobil SHC Cibus Series, (all ISO grades of PAO-based, H1 Food Grade, for all plant applications)
OtherPurity Food Grade Products include Chain Fluids, Trolley Fluid, Seamer-E Fluid, and Heat Transfer Fluid.
Food Grade Greases are Mobilgrease FM Series and SHC Polyrex Series,Petro-Canada Purity FG 00, FG 1, FG 2, Extreme, Clear, and Synthetic. Petro-Canada Purity FG 2 with MICROL-MAX is new and  contains an antimicrobial preservative for food system protection.
Petro-Canada Precision XL, EP, EMB, HD, Synthetic, GP, and Moly
Petro-Canada Peerless LLG
Mobilux EP Series (premium general purpose grease)

Food Grade Products,H-1
Petro-Canada Purity FG AW Series, with or without MICROL
Petro-Canada Purity FG EP Gear Fluid Series, with or without MICROL
Petro-Canada Purity FG Synthetic Gear Fluid 220
Petro-Canada Purity FG Synthetic Fluid (PAO base, ISO grades 46 and 100)
Petro-Canada Purity FG Compressor Fluid (ISO grades 32 through 100)
Petro-Canada Purity White Mineral Oil (NF/USP Grades 10, 15, 35, 68, and 90)

Compressor Fluids
Mobil Gargoyle Arctic 155, 300, and SHC 200 Series (compressors)
Mobil SHC 500 Series oils
Mobil SHC 600 Series oils
Mobil Rarus SHC 1020 Series (screw compressions, OEM-approved)
Petro-Canada Compro Compressor Fluid (ISO grades 32, 68, 100, and 150
Petro-Canada Compro XL-S Compressor Fluid (PAO-based, ISO grades 32, 46, 68, 100, and 150)
Petro-Canada Compro XL-R Compressor Fluid (reciprocating compressors, ISO grade 68)
Petro-Canada Compro Synthetic 32, and 46 (PAG/Ester based, for high discharge temps)
Petro-Canada Reflo 46A and 68A, XL, and Synthetic 68A (ammonia refrigeration compressors)

Way and Slide Lubricants
Mobil Vactra Numbered Series
Petro-Canada Accuflo TK 68, 220, Accuflo SS 68
Petro-Canada Waylube68

Turbine Fluids, Wind Turbine Gear Oils
Mobil DTE 700, 800, & 900 Series
Mobil SHC Gear 320 WT
MobilGear SHC XMP Series
Mobil SHC Grease 460 WT
Petro-Canada Turboflo, Turboflo R&O, Turboflo EP, Turboflo XL (for various GE, Siemens,Solar, Alstom and other turbine circulating systems.Petro-Canada Harnex 320 (PAO-based Wind Turbine Gear oil)

Heat Transfer Fluids
Mobiltherm 43, 600 Series
Petro-Canada CALFLO HTF, AF, LT, and Synthetic

Metal Working Oils
Mobil Glygoyle (PAG-based) circulating and gear oils)
Mobil Rarus 427 (reciprocating compressors)and 800 Series (synthetic esters)
Mobil Mist Lube Series (mist lubrication,gears)
Mobilcut Series (soluble cutting and cooling oils, oil-based, semi, and full synthetics)
Mobilmet Series (straight oils for metalworking needs)
Mobiltac Series and Mobil Gear Lube 375 NC (for many open gear applications)
Petro-Canada Transicut (non-ferrous metals, light-bodied, non-staining)
Petro-Canada Alucut (for aluminum and magnesium, low viscosity wetting agents, etc)
Petro-Canada Supercut (ferrous metals, tapping, threading and broaching)
Petro-Canada Cutsol and CutsolHD (soluble cutting oils)
Petro-Canada Aludraw (drawing in wire operations, light stamping, forming, and rolling)

EAL Fluids (Environmental Aware Lubes)
Mobil EAL Envirosyn H Series oils
Mobil EAL 224H
Mobil EAL Arctic Series
Mobil SHC Grease 100 EAL Series

Paper Machine Products
Mobil DTE PM Series
Mobil SHC PM Series
DTE PM Ashless

Electrical Insulating Transformer Oils
Mobil Univolt N61
Petro-Canada Luminol TR, TRi, and Bi
Calumet Cal-Tran 30-60 Type II

Other Special-Use Industrial Products
Petro-Canada CON-REL-EZE Concrete Form Oil, Super VAC Vacuum Pump Oil, System Cleaning Fluid, Compressor Cleaner, Vultrex OGL, SEPRO PM oils

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