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Best-Wade Petroleum offers a wide array of superior industrial services and technical programs that perfectly complement our top quality products. It is our goal to keep costs down for our customers through the use of value added programs and products. These services are all designed with our customers in mind. For more information about these and any other Best-Wade products, please contact their sales team or visit our company Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Oil Analysis / Contamination Monitoring are services that are done either in-house or with the assistance of independent laboratories.

Bulk Lubricants Storage is offered with on-site installation and other storage and handling options.

Preventive Maintenance Programs are a service provided to keep maintenance costs at a minimum.

Lubrication Training is offered on-site to all our customers by our well-trained field personnel. All training is certified by STLE, ICML and other national organizations.

Inventory Management is available at Best-Wade to provide you with assistance in oiler routing systems, total fluid management plans and computer-assisted maintenance scheduling.

Efficiency and Productivity Studies are provided to address operations that cost our customers long-
term in the areas of gear and hydraulic efficiency studies and life extension plans. We can also study the
cost of ownership in regards to areas such as plant compressors, metal working, mobile equipment, leak
detection services, fluids/solvents, grease consolidation, and fluid cleanliness.


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